The Art of Restoration

We breathe new life into our rare furniture discoveries through a conscientious process of restoration. Once a piece of furniture is retrieved, we first strip it of years of dust and grime. The piece is then restored using hand-cut dovetails, created with fine-toothed saws and chisels. Mortise and tenon joints are recreated if the piece requires repair and any missing hardware is procured from antique markets.

At Camelot, we are committed to maintaining a high standard of environmental responsibility. Therefore, we only use reclaimed and recycled wood to restore our furniture. From bidding at auctions for large logs of old Burma teak, Rosewood, and mahogany to ethically sourcing exotic woods such as satin wood, camphor, and ebony from remote areas, Camelot is dedicated to sustainability.

Our pieces are restored for lifetimes and generations. Our restored furniture from the Art Deco style and Colonial era is designed to retell not only the stories of India’s history, but of your home and the memories within it.

Our Craftsmen

The craftsmen at Camelot are all second and third generation workers who have learnt the art of woodwork and furniture restoration from their forefathers. With a team of close to 75 craftsmen, each piece of furniture is carved, polished, and refurbished with skillful precision and expertise.