Founded in 1993, Camelot is an ode to India’s Colonial and Art Deco periods. Over the past twenty five years, we have built a treasure trove of original Colonial and Art Deco furniture, sourced from the nation’s heartland and some of its most remote estates.

After we unearth these unique and timeless pieces of furniture and other collectibles, we restore them to their former glory and retell their vivid histories, offering generations to come a chance to be part of their stories.

The spirit of Camelot undeniably lies in our meticulous restoration process. From our third-generation craftsmen to our use of reclaimed wood, authenticity and sustainability remain the pillars of our brand.


Camouflaged by Mumbai’s hustle and bustle, Camelot is one of the city’s best kept secrets; a space to rediscover the old-age charm of India’s historical architecture and design. The bungalow which houses the furniture store was built over a century ago and its beauty has been preserved to reflect its rich history.

Step into Camelot and discover the artistry of a world gone by.



Camelot was founded by Ameera Shah, herself a patron of Colonial and Art Deco furniture. 28 years ago, inspired and fascinated by the process of furniture restoration, Ameera decided to turn her ardent passion into a business.

Her modern sensibilities and seasoned eye for crisp design have lead to Camelot’s impeccable reputation for excellence.

Today, her daughter Aditi has joined the business. Their focus is to transform Camelot into a boutique interior design studio, furniture store and pan-India e-commerce space.